Avoid scrapes and bumps with these tips and remove the stress for parking when you visit London.

Research undertaken by car giant Citroen, the French based car manufacturer, reported that over 25% of car drivers admitted to having a bump whilst they were parking. Meanwhile, 65% of people will avoid a struggle by searching for a parking space without a car nearby.

So what advice do these guys have?……

1. Take it slowly

It sounds like an easy bit of advice but drive slowly when you’re parking your vehicle. Don’t be pressurised by other drivers to speed up simply to get out of their way. Mistakes happen when you rush. Remember, the cost of tyres can be significant if you scuff your alloy wheels!

2. Think about how you will get out of the space

Did you know that reversing into your parking space reduces your risk of damage? Driving out into traffic is much safer than reversing into traffic!

3. Don’t rely on technology!

Whilst most cars now have parking sensors it doesn’t get you off the hook. Continue to be vigilant and check you mirrors and look over your shoulders whilst moving into or out of the parking space.

4. But use technology if you have it

If your car has a self-parking mode, why not use it? It might seem like black magic but it really does work and removes any parking angst.

If you aren’t confident in using it, your dealer will be happy to demonstrate it in action.

5. What does practice make?

Parallel parking isn’t the hardest manouvre but make it even easier by parking off-road in the many purpose made car parks in London.

If you enjoy the challenge of parallel parking, then why not set up a practice area in an empty car park?

6. So, which side do I park on?

Always best to park on the left, especially when you parallel park on the street. It’s much easier and safer than having to cross lanes of traffic to park.

7. Be considerate to other road users

When parking on street, be mindful of leaving enough space for lorries and other large vehicles to get past your parked car. This is especially important near bends and side roads where they will need to swing wide to make the turn. Or remove the risk and simply park in a purpose made car park.

8. Don’t forget when your parking ticket runs out

If there is a time limit on your parking space, set your phone’s alarm to remind you when you need to return. Or park in a barrier parking facility where you can park as long as you like.

9. Take a note of where you’ve parked

Make a note of where you’ve parked. There are many stories of people reporting cars stolen only to find that they parked in a different street.

10. Plan your journey

Take the stress out of parking and pre-book your parking. If you don’t then don’t get caught out by keeping some change in your car to ensure you’ll always got the right money to use in a parking meter.


You’ve set the date and everything is organised. But hold on, where are your guests going to park? London has lots of stunning venues suitable for wedding receptions, engagement parties and other special occasions. However finding affordable convenient parking can be challenging.

Q-Park has 18 locations across London. The priority is to ensure the facilities are safe, secure and welcoming for your vehicle whilst you are having the time of your life at the party. They even hold events within the car parks such as catwalks, art exhibitions and launch parties. celebrate parking

The onsite team are so helpful and dedicated to provide exceptional customer service. If you missed it Q-Park were on BBC Oxford Street Revealed TV show which demonstrated behind the scenes footage of how the car park is managed. Q-Park certainly strive for perfection ensuring everything is clean and tidy by running tight patrols throughout the day. Whilst managing the car parks , the team are always on hand to help where possible from shopping bags to keeping an eye on your car.  Whether you need an umbrella, baby buggy or shoe shine or the toliet, Q-Park also provides convenient services for free!

In comparison to other parking providers Q-Park exceeds on quality, and they do day you get what you pay for. If you are looking to impress your guests you can ensure that every step of the day is perfect and stress free. Q-Park offers pre-booking for large events and can offer competitive discounts on block parking. With a simple promotional code, your guests can pre-book parking for the event through Q-Park’s own pre-booking system. This gives the onsite team a heads up on how many people to save spaces for.

If you are interested in wedding parking with Q-Park, click on the link below for more details.

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By having poor lighting, lack of surveillance, untidy areas which could be a health hazard and poor signage and all result in creating the perfect target area for crime.  Therefore when choosing a car park it is important for your vehicle to be safe as well as yourself.

Car parks undertake audits to ensure that they meet standards, so if you see a car park that has the Park Mark stamp it has been approved.

What is Park Mark?

Park Mark is a safer parking scheme, which is an initiative of the Association of Chief Police Officers, aimed at reducing the level of crime in parking facilities. The scheme is run by the British Parking Association and car parks have to go through a strict assessment to gain accreditation for:

Q-Park Park Lane

Q-Park Park Lane , London

Risk assessments are carried out by police to asses the safety aspects of the car park and to ensure the car park operator has put sufficient measures in place to deter criminal activity and make customers feel safe.

An example of one parking provider who ticks the boxes is Q-Park. They are proud to offer so many facilities with Park Mark safety accreditations which feature:


“Car broke down in car park and Nick responded within 5 mins to jump start car, absolute life saver!!! Great service and a big thank you to Nick so pleasant even at that time in the morning.“

Carpark.London’s Top Tips

  1. Park as close to the lodge where there are cameras – covers all key areas, popular busy areas if possible.
  2. Reverse into the parking bay – visibility front and to the sides no blind spots. The vehicle would then be pointed out when you are ready to leave.
  3. Stay in lighted areas and near a lift – as there’ll be more people circulating in this area of the car park.
  4. Keep all valuables out of sight – Female motorists in particular, should inspect their car for tell tales signs that their car is driven by a woman.  Any giveaway items should be placed in the car boot.  if the boot is full, try to store items out of sight elsewhere in the car.
  5. Remember where you have parked and get keys ready to save time.  Drivers juggling bags are an easier target for attackers.
  6. Check you have locked the car before you walk away and lock doors when you are in your car.
  7. If you feel unsafe should ask the car park security guard to walk them to their vehicle or notify when possible. Help points are located on all floors.

More Details at Q-Park