To make driving easier  Transport of London requires congestion fee when entering the congestion zone within Central London. The fee is charged at £11.50 daily for driving a vehicle between the hours of 07:00 and 18:00, Monday to Friday. It is not applicable on weekends, bank holidays, Christmas and New Year’s Day. The charge aims to reduce traffic and encourage other ways of transport across London including the Tube.

There is a boundary which clarifies areas that are within the congestion zone. The zones are amended from time to time so checking before travel is advised.

The easiest way to pay the charge is in advance or on the day.  There are a range of exemptions and discounts available on certain vehicles including electric and individuals.

Visit the official site for more information.

Top Tips 

When it comes to driving in Central London there are ways of avoiding the congestion charge.

  1. Before making your journey check if your destination falls into the congestion zone. You can check on the link below
  2. Park outside of the zone and travel around using other reliable transport such as buses and the London underground.With car parks situated less than 100m from a tube station entrance, and car parks conveniently situated on main routes just outside the zone you can chose to avoid the charge in one of our recommended car parks or pay the congestion charge and park in central car parks.


Recommended Car Parkscar congestion zone

Outside of the Congestion Zone

Q-Park St. John’s Wood

Q-Park Queensway

Q-Park Pimlico

Q-Park Knightsbridge

Q-Park Park Lane  & Q-Park Marble Arch

Q-Park Tower Bridge

Click here to see Q-Park for full location details.

Inside of the Congestion Zone

Q-Park Burlington

Q-Park Butlers Wharf

Q-Park Chinatown

Q-Park Church Street

Q-Park Harley Street

Q-Park Victoria

Q-Park Leicester Square

Q-Park Oxford Street

Q-Park Soho

Q-Park Trafalgar

Click here to see Q-Park for full location details.